A.M. Links: White House Wants to Open Interstates to Tolls, Minimum Wage Bill to Die in Senate, MIT to Give Students Bitcoin for Study

  • who will build the roads?The latest transportation bill
    from the
    White House
    proposes allowing states to collect tolls on
    interstate highways.
  • The Democrats’ minimum wage bill is expected to die in the

    today after a party line vote.
  • Oklahoma death row inmate
    Clayton Lockett
    died of a heart attack after his execution was
  • China’s economy will surpass the
    United States
    ’ economy in size this year, according to
    estimates by the World Bank.
  • Al Qaeda linked militants in northern
    are reportedly crucifying rebel fighters.
  • Students at the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    will each receive $100
    worth of Bitcoins for a spending study.

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