Robert Graboyes Offers Health Insurance Wisdom for Hipsters Getting the Short End of the Stick


Pssst. Hey, Millennial. It’s me…Uncle Boomer. Can I come down?
Your Mom said you’d be in the basement. “Junior’s Subterranean
Penthouse,” your Dad called it.

Almost Happy Birthday. 26 years old! Whatcha doing?
Watching grind away? Sweet! Oh yeah. No more
parents’ health insurance for you. The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
says you’re a big boy now.

So how much will that “affordable” (wink-wink) policy set you
back?…WHOOOOOA!…The deductible? O…M…G!

Bummed? Well, the ACA does require 26-year-olds to way
overpay for insurance so 60-year-olds—like your parents and me—can
way underpay. You say you understand why? Seriously?

Ahhh. Dad explained it while you helped him shop for organic,
locavore, free-range tempeh. “That’s how all insurance works,” Dad

And you believed him…OK. Your Dad means well. But he doesn’t
know squat about insurance. You overpaying so he can underpay is
not “how all insurance works.” You need a little
education, Sparky. And the Mercatus Institute’s Robert Graboyes is
here to offer some wisdom.

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