Copper Continues To Crumble Amid Record China Inventories

Having bounced miraculously off the early January lows – despite no significant fundamental shift – scrambling all the weay up to its 200-day moving-average, copper prices have been tumbling for the last 7 days, the longest losing streak since early Jan. “Worries over Chinese demand is still weighing on the market,” warns one analyst and rightly so as, just like the oil complex, copper inventories (in China) just hit a record high.

Miracle ramp…


Is fading now as stockpiles soar…


Rising supply of late-cycle commodities, including copper and aluminum, together with uncertain Chinese demand may continue to weigh on metal prices this year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Zhu Yi. Copper inventories tracked by the Shanghai Futures Exchange are at a record.

“Worries over Chinese demand is still weighing on the market,” Robin Bhar, an analyst at Societe Generale SA in London, said by phone.


Of course much of this ‘inventory’ is collateral for China’s crazy CCFDs enabling smaller players to get loans and stay alive considerably longer than they should. If any liquidation occurs of these zombies then prices will accelerate lower as CCFDs are unwound.

via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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