EXCLUSIVE: Another ZERO HEDGE Insider Leak

There is a palpable taste of frustration and envy in the air.  To some the idea of unfettered and anonymous (to them, most of you know who some of us are) market commentary is a cancer that must be struck down.  Those on the outside, the people who think that reporting on Wall Street is all just some fun and games that happen between 9 and 5, are sorely mistaken.  Sadly, they are the ones pretending to tell you what you missed.

At no point has Zero Hedge ever told anyone what to trade or posted anything on the main feed openly suggesting a trade.

It is laughable that people view Zero Hedge as an outlet designed to offer trading ideas.  

We do not have Dennis Gartman on daily with trade ideas:

We do not say “I like Alibaba at $115, it’s a mature business.  It’s going to $150” right before the stock collapses:

We also do not run multiple commercials ever hour asking you to pay us $29.99 for a book we tell you is free and will help you crush it on returns:


The community appreciates Bloomberg exposing their fear that an outlet they think has only 3 people is a competitor to them. Sorry we are such a threat to fantastic financial media content such as:


When a brand is able to identify with a disenfranchised group and provoke a fervor like Zero Hedge does, it is somewhat understandable when establishment outlets freak out and seek to discredit the brand through slanted stories.

Unlike every other outlet claiming to be market sources of information, Zero Hedge has never censored people the way those outlets do or ever said anything about what we write. We all work hard. We are all gifted in certain areas. People who want to be like us and can not play with the big boys like to entertain the idea that they are under some sort of pressure from us. Colin’s betrayal burns, yes. What is worse is that he lied to himself about being able to keep up. Michael Jordan never blamed his high school for cutting him. He never concocted some unrealistic mental view that the school was trying to control him. Jordan also never went to other schools and selectively aired grievances in public in an effort to “expose” his high school. He simply got real with his mental state, got his shit together, and became the epic athlete we know of today.

This is not a game for 9-5ers five-days a week. If you are unable to hack it, admit it. Don’t hate the players.

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