Futures Spike After Banks Unveil Tens Of Billions In Buybacks

Betwen BofA, Citi, JPMorgan, and now Goldman, (and excluding MS for now), announced buybacks totalling over $24 billion have sent US equity futures spiking after hours.

  • Bank of America Authorizes $5b Buyback; Boosts Div to 7.5c-Share
  • Citigroup Plans $8.6b Buyback; Lifts Qtr Div to 16c From 5c
  • JPMorgan Chase Plans $10.6b Buyback, Maintains qtr Div at 48c/shr
  • Goldman Sachs plans buybacks of stock, boosts quarterly dividend

Futures are up across the board… no matter what exposure to financials they have…


As The S&P spikes…


Some context…

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