Debate: Bakers Should Not Be Forced To Produce Cakes for Same-Sex Weddings: New at Reason

To bake the cake or not bake the cake? That is the question Eugene Volokh and former Reason editor Manny Klausner parse out in the Reason‘s special debate issue. Hear Klausner arguing for bakers’ right to refuse service to anyone.

Underlying the libertarian view on this issue is the recognition that in a market economy, there is a built-in financial disincentive for a baker to decline to sell to a potential customer. As support for gay marriage increases in America, it becomes increasingly unlikely that gay couples will encounter serious difficulty in finding a florist or baker for their weddings. When one vendor turns a couple away, there are numerous others lining up to win that couple’s business. The economic harm falls squarely on the person with the moral qualms.

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