Bloomberg Acknowledges “White Privileges”, Apologizes For Saving Thousands Of Black & Brown Lives

Bloomberg Acknowledges “White Privileges”, Apologizes For Saving Thousands Of Black & Brown Lives

Mike Bloomberg, the only candidate in the Democratic primary field who has ever successfully slapped a wealth tax on Wall Street (do you know how much a Bloomberg Terminal subscription costs?), is hoping to bolster his chances of winning in South Carolina and across the American south by courting the black vote.

Now, Bloomberg has managed to convince people of color to begrudgingly vote for him before (he was a three-term mayor of New York City), but in order to win them over on the national stage, Bloomberg’s crack team of campaign strategists has convinced him to go full-on SJW and admit to his white privilege, according to Politico and Axios.

Bloomberg’s campaign has “amassed a roster of surrogates that includes prominent black politicians…”. And now he’s pursuing the big kahuna: The Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sharpton told Politico that although Bloomberg has “challenges” when it comes to winning over black Americans, so far, he has made a “more-than-expected” attempt to assuage their concerns.

Bloomberg has so far amassed a roster of surrogates that includes prominent black politicians, traveled to cities with large black populations like Oakland, Detroit and Cleveland to solicit input on policy, and unveiled proposals on issues central to many black communities, such as maternal mortality and incarcerated youth. Aides point to his work on education, gun control and job creation in addressing concerns he faces among black voters.

“I think he has challenges, but he has, I think, made a more-than-expected attempt to deal with the challenges,” Rev. Al Sharpton told POLITICO, noting endorsements like Columbia, S.C. Mayor Steve Benjamin and other black leaders who were early endorsers. “I don’t know how much it will work, but I can say he’s put more of an effort in it than I would have thought.”

Politico followed Bloomberg to a campaign stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he delivered a campaign stump speech at a historically black church.

Bloomberg flew here to attend Sunday services at Vernon Chapel AME Church before delivering the most sweeping and anticipated address of his young campaign: A plan to increase job opportunities and home ownership in black neighborhoods and invest $70 billion in struggling areas across the country.

His pitch, which takes its name from the Greenwood section of Tulsa known as “Black Wall Street” that was destroyed in the race massacre of 1921, was designed to tackle the systemic bias keeping many African Americans from advancement – as he put to parishioners at the church – “righting what I think are historic wrongs and creating opportunity and wealth in black communities.”

Of course, Bloomberg’s policies as mayor of NYC benefited minorities in many ways. But one of his policies that proved the most controversial also did the most to help save black lives.

Liberals like to criticize stop as frisk as a failed and obviously racist policy that sacrifices the civil liberties of minorities to help ensure the safety of New York City’s wealthiest and whitest.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Liberals like to whine about the relatively low number of seizures compared to the number of stops. But a falling number of seizures is actually evidence that a policy like stop and frisk is working. The idea is that criminals know they have a small chance of being randomly stopped, so fewer criminals are willing to risk carrying a gun in the first place.

And if fewer criminals are carrying guns in crime-plagued neighborhoods, that means there’s less of a chance that, if two drug dealers get into a disagreement, one of them ends up in the morgue.

Even the Washington Post has begrudgingly admitted that Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk policy worked, even if the SJWs hated it. Bloomberg admits that minorities were searched at far higher rates than whites. But when compared to the descriptions of criminal suspects reported to police, that disparity disappears.

NYC’s plunging murder rate is the critical piece of evidence Bloomberg needs to cite to show that stop and frisk was the correct policy. As Bloomberg said during an earlier speech defending the policy, while black people don’t appreciate being stopped by police, they also don’t appreciate being shot and killed.

Which option do you think they would prefer?

Yet, because of the Democratic Party’s dedication to identity politics, these accomplishments during his mayorship have been twisted into liabilities, and Bloomberg is being forced to apologize for saving tens of thousands of black and brown lives.

It’s like that old song goes…

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Mon, 01/20/2020 – 14:25

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