Porsche Taycan ‘Explodes’ In Florida Garage Causing “Significant Damage” 

Porsche Taycan ‘Explodes’ In Florida Garage Causing “Significant Damage” 

Tesla has had its fair share of fires with federal investigations looking into whether there is a potentially widespread and dangerous issue with the batteries in their vehicles. Now it appears the NHTSA could launch a probe into why a Porsche Taycan electric car erupted into flames in a South Florida garage. 

Electrek quotes a Twitter handle that describes the incident as an “explosion.” 

Porsche sent 130 Taycans to the US this year as the automaker dips its toes into the EV space

Electrek says the incident took place on Feb 16 in a “garage in South Florida.” 

The garage allegedly suffered “significant damage,” and the Taycan was a “complete loss,” the online EV blog said.

While footage of the incident is relatively limited at the moment, here’s what is circulating on social media:

Porsche confirmed to Electrek that they’re aware of the fire and said no one was hurt.

It could only be a matter of time before NHTSA probes the first Taycan fire in the US. 

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Tue, 02/18/2020 – 15:45

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