61-Year-Old Woman Living Near Wuhan Lab May Have Been ‘Patient Zero’ – Three Weeks Before CCP Claims First Case

61-Year-Old Woman Living Near Wuhan Lab May Have Been ‘Patient Zero’ – Three Weeks Before CCP Claims First Case

Three weeks before China admitted that a mysterious virus was circulating in the city of Wuhan, a 61-year-old woman who lived about a mile from several bat research facility was known as “Patient Su” at a local hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

Her identity was accidentally revealed after a leading Chinese official sent a screen-grab to a medical journal which partially revealed personal information, including the fact that she was admitted to the Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan, and “almost certainly lived in the Kaile Guiyan community on Zhuodaoquan Street, about 600 metres from the medical centre.”

What’s more, “Patient Su” became ill three weeks before China claimed anyone had been stricken with the novel virus.

The academic then detailed two more suspected cases reported to Wuhan doctors on November 14 and 21, along with several others before December 8 – the date that China gave to the World Health Organisation for the ‘earliest onset case’.

The Health Times article included a screenshot of the two November cases on the professor’s database. Although personal details were blurred out, some were visible, including the hospital name and home district.

They show Patient Su was treated at Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan and, given the building and street numbers, almost certainly lived in the Kaile Guiyan community on Zhuodaoquan Street, about 600 metres from the medical centre. -Daily Mail

Patient Su also lived close to a stop for the high-speed rail line believed to have played a key role in spreading the virus around the city of 11 million people, according to the report. 

Both the hospital and Su’s presumed residence are in the Hongshan district, where both China’s CDC and a downtown site run by the Wuhan Institute of Virology were located less than a mile away. According to former lead US State Department investigator David Asher, three researchers became ill with a mysterious respiratory condition in November 2019 – with the wife of one scientist dying.

One Washington source told The Mail on Sunday that US intelligence on the Wuhan researchers was collected in late 2019 in data-scraping from routine surveillance. It is thought to include tapped phone conversations, texts and emails.

He said it was not discovered until efforts were intensified last year to investigate the pandemic’s origins and any possible links with Wuhan laboratories – and that it is backed by testimony from a source with access to one of the units. -Daily Mail

The Wall Street Journal last week reported on the three ill lab workers who ended up in the hospital – claims which Beijing furiously disputes. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has ordered a 90-day intelligence review after it was revealed that US intelligence agencies have been sitting on a ‘raft’ of un-analyzed intelligence gathered during the course of their investigation – largely because establishment minions wrote it off as a partisan witch hunt.

The time has come for China to open up all its files so the world can find the truth about the origins of this pandemic,” said Tom Tugendhat MP, Chairman of UK’s foreign affairs committee. “We cannot protect against future risks if there is not recognition that we all need to share knowledge and learn from any mistakes.”

Covering up the report

Professor Yu Chuanhua, professor of biostatistics at Wuhan University, was the one who revealed that Patient Su fell ill three weeks before the official disclosure date. According to the Daily Mail, however, China is hard at work performing yet more damage control.

Professor’s Yu’s interview with Health Times took place on the day China’s health authorities issued a silencing gag on the novel coronavirus as President Xi Jinping tried to regain control of the situation.

Yu rang the journalist within two days to retract this information, claiming the dates had been entered incorrectly and all the other suspected cases before December 8 needed verification.

The details were discovered by Gilles Demaneuf, a member of the ‘Drastic’ group of online digital activists who have uncovered many of the facts seen as contradicting the official Chinese narrative that Covid-19 was a disease that crossed over naturally from animals. -Daily Mail

“We were able to pinpoint the exact name, age and address of a very early suspected case nearly one month before the official first case,” said Demaneuf, a French data scientist who works for a New Zealand bank. “That address is right next to the subway line No 2 and also not far from a People’s Liberation Army hospital that treated some of the other earliest cases.”

Demaneuf argues that the new findings highlight how many more clues might be accessible if people continue to pursue the lab leak theory, rather than “wishful acceptance at face value of statements from China.”

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