Many Viral Ukraine War Videos Flooding Social Media Are Fake

Many Viral Ukraine War Videos Flooding Social Media Are Fake

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Noted YouTube “scambuster” Kitboga, who has 2.2 million subscribers, has posted the video below showing many examples of viral TikTok videos purporting to be scenes of war in Ukraine.

These videos are mostly clips from video games or from other wars. Many of these posts are being used to raise money for fake charities. Kit explains the various scams that are being used to raise money on TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

There are actual videos of the war, but everyone needs to be skeptical and ask for sources.

Here are some other articles about fake or misleading Ukraine war videos:

A number of weekend media articles began exposing some viral videos which were fake, many racking up tens of thousands of shares on Facebook

According to one such report: “In fact, Gizmodo has found at least ten viral photos and videos currently being spread on social media that are completely fake.”

“In some cases, the videos and photos are years old. In others, the images are clearly not from Ukraine. There are even two examples of videos on Twitter today that are actually from war-themed video games…” 

“Nobody knows how long this invasion will last. But however long that may be, you can bet on one thing: There will be plenty more fake photos and videos passed around online before this conflict is over,” Gizmodo concludes in its own review of some of the fake videos.

[ZH: Paul Joseph Watson exposes a few more farcical propaganda pumps in the following brief clip…]

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