Speaker Johnson Tells White House No Ukraine Funds Without Beefed Up Border

Speaker Johnson Tells White House No Ukraine Funds Without Beefed Up Border

Hoping to avoid the mistakes of Kevin ‘uniparty’ McCarthy, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) responded to the latest White House request for Ukraine funds by telling the Biden admin that any additional funds would be “dependent” on the actual enactment – not just promises, or stricter security measures at the southern US border.

“I reiterate that President Biden must satisfy Congressional oversight inquiries about the Administration’s failure thus far to present clearly defined objectives, and its failure to provide essential weapons on a timely basis,” Johnson wrote in a Tuesday letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young, which demands “transformative change” to the country’s border security, the Washington Examiner reports.

American taxpayers deserve a full accounting of how prior U.S. military and humanitarian aid has been spent, and an explanation of the president’s strategy to ensure an accelerated path to victory. In light of the current state of the U.S. economy and the massive amount of our national debt, it is our duty in Congress to demand answers to these reasonable questions, and we still await the answers.”

On Monday, Young sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to send more US taxpayer funds to Ukraine – warning that if they fail to do so, the war-torn country would run out of money; $106 billion as of a request submitted in October, which included $61.4 billion in new Ukraine aid. That same request also sought money for Israel, and an unclear level of support for border security.

Johnson pushed back on funding for Israel, pointing to the House’s passage of the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act from Nov. 2, which allocates $14.3 billion in emergency funding along with cuts to the IRS.

The Senate has not yet taken up the bill for consideration, favoring linking the Israel and Ukraine aid together.

“Senate Democrats, however, have refused to consider the measure,” Johnson wrote. “In fact, when given the chance to debate H.R. 6126, all 51 Senate Democrats voted to block consideration of the bill.”

The letter implores the president to take action on the southern border, citing record illegal immigration and an increase of illicit drugs that have been smuggled over the border during the Biden administration. -Washington Examiner

“The open U.S. border is an unconscionable and unsustainable catastrophe, and we have a moral responsibility to insist this madness stops immediately. Rather than engaging with Congressional Republicans to discuss logical reforms, the Biden Administration has ignored realty, choosing instead to engage in political posturing,” Johnson wrote in his letter, adding “We stand ready and willing to work with the Administration on a robust border security package that protects the interests of the American people.”

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