“Media Class Will Ignore” New Poll That Shows Black Voter Support For Trump Rising

“Media Class Will Ignore” New Poll That Shows Black Voter Support For Trump Rising

For years, radical leftists in legacy media and progressive think tanks have portrayed former President Trump as a racist unworthy of votes from black Americans.

However, as confidence in corporate media plummets to record lows, opinion polls indicate an increasing number of black folks are diverging from the Biden camp and considering backing the former president ahead of the elections this November. 

The latest poll by the Howard University Initiative on Public Opinion shows Biden’s support among black voters is tumbling, down to just 49%. At the same time, Trump’s support among black voters has surged to 26%, about three times the level compared with 2020 levels. 

“It’s African American men that are more likely to support the former president than their female counterparts,” Terri Adams-Fuller, director of the Howard University Initiative on Public Opinion, told media outlet WTOP

Adams-Fuller noted the largest concerns among black voters for Biden and Trump: 

“The top two concerns for Biden were age (38%) and then no concerns (17%). For Trump, it was morals/values (29%) and track record (28%).”

Nearly half of the respondents said their political leanings have shifted over the last five years. An overwhelming number of black voters said the economy/jobs and affordable housing income were some of the top issues for 2024. 

The Howard University poll comes as no surprise, considering we have documented several instances of the “rise of black support for Trump” and “Biden’s black support plummets from 2020.”

Journalist Paul D. Thacker commented on the poll on X. He said: “The media class will try hard to ignore this poll because they are up Biden’s ass and dismissive of voters.”

Musk chimed in, telling Thacker: “Among other things, Biden ushering in millions of illegals is disproportionately hurting Black communities.” 

Blacks are furious with Democrats for prioritizing illegals over their well-being. 

Radicals in the White House have sparked the greatest border invasion this nation has ever seen (count so far at 10 million), which is only hurting the poorest of citizens. 

Source: CBP

Democrats need some soul-searching, or they risk losing an even more significant percentage of the black vote. What a disaster. 

Tyler Durden
Sun, 02/25/2024 – 20:25

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