US Army Plans To Cut 24,000 Jobs Due To “Over-Structured” Woes

US Army Plans To Cut 24,000 Jobs Due To “Over-Structured” Woes

The US Army faces the most challenging recruiting environment in decades, if not ever, as America’s Generation Z doesn’t want to fight foreign wars driven by neocon warmongering politicians in Washington, the military-industrial complex, NATO, and mega-corporations.

For several years, the Army has been coming to terms with a recruiting crisis of historic proportions. We have documented these unprecedented challenges as the war cycle, in financial cycle expert Charles Nenner’s view, continues to ‘break out’: 

Given the soaring threat of World War III, the Army is about to undergo a major restructuring, according to a document obtained by Fox News

The service calls for reducing its force by about 24,000, or about 5%. These cuts will only affect posts that have remained empty and not actual soldiers.

“The Army is not asking current soldiers to leave. As the Army builds back end strength over the next few years, most installations will likely see an increase in the number of soldiers actually stationed there,” the Army said.

The jobs on the cutting block are primarily counterinsurgency positions that ballooned during America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over two decades. These jobs are no longer in high demand as World War III risks accelerate in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Also, there is a conflict risk with China in the Pacific and around Taiwan. 

Fox noted cavalry squadrons, Stryker brigade combat teams, infantry brigade combat teams, and security force assistance brigades, amounting to about 10,000 jobs, will also be axed. 

The document described the service as “significantly over-structured” as a push for a much leaner and meaner force.

Here’s from from Fox:

The service is currently structured to have up to 494,000 soldiers, but the total number of active duty soldiers is about 445,000. The new plan has Army leaders looking to recruit enough troops through Fiscal Year 2029 to reach a goal of 470,000 active-duty soldiers.

Despite the cuts, the service plans to add another 7,500 troops for air defense and counter-drone units. 

There’s also a shift from close combat and counterinsurgency structure to large-scale or multidomain combat operations due to World War III risks. 

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Tue, 02/27/2024 – 19:20

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