The Billionaire Social Calendar

With Janet Yellen set to remove the ‘wealth-creating’ nutrients of QE within a month, it appears there is only way left to The American Dream… latch on to a billionaire (or their son or daughter). As a patriotic courtesy to our readers we provide the dummies guide to befriending a wealthy benefactor… everything from their marital status and demographic to the most critical factor for success – where to hang out in 2015 to catch their eye.

Globally, over 9,000 individuals have access to billionaire resources: 86% of all billionaires are married and, on average, have just over two children each.

Generally speaking, billionaires form bonds and relationships with individuals who share their interests and abilities. As a result, billionaires tend to have large social circles, and often associate with other billionaires or other ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals.

In fact, we find that billionaires typically have business or personal relationships with another nine UHNW individuals, three of which are billionaires. The typical billionaire has a social graph (defined as the total net worth of a billionaire’s UHNW and billionaire known associates) worth US$16 billion.

Certain events are “must-go” for many billionaires and those in their social circles, while other events are of interest only to a specific group of billionaires with particular hobbies and passions. For example, for those billionaires who have an interest in golf, the US Masters and PGA Championship are likely to feature prominently in their 2015 social calendar. Likewise, at least 23% of the world’s billionaires are likely to attend at least one, if not more, of the many elite art shows held annually around the world.

So how do find them?

You’re Welcome.

Source: UBS WealthX

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