Liberty Links 4/1/18 – Madman John Bolton Advocated for Iran Regime Change in 2017 Speech

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Top Links

John Bolton Called for Iran Regime Change During a Speech Last Year (Guy is a certified lunatic, YouTube)

Trump’s Choice Of Bolton Satisfies His Biggest Donor (Sheldon Adelson, no surprise, LobeLog)

The Teenage Demagogues (National Review)

Our Increasingly Unenforceable Constitution (Disturbing trend, The New York Times)

Facebook Goes on a Hiring Spree for Washington Lobbyists (Of course, Bloomberg)

Private Equity? It’s More Like Pirate Equity (This industry is up to some seriously bad stuff, Bloomberg

Building the Iron Wall (Must read by Chris Hedges, TruthDig)

A Billionaire Biotech Investor Says Facebook Will Be Decimated by Its Disastrous Data Leak (Business Insider)

Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ And Monitor Your Private Account (CBS Philly)

We Don’t Give Our Kids Exams. But That Does Not Mean They Are Not Tested. (Short article about unschooling, FEE)

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