Liberty Links 9/29/18 – Big Tech Is Appealing to Congress to Get Around California’s New Online Privacy Law

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Big Tech Is Appealing to Congress to Help Get Around California’s New Online Privacy Law (Another reason we need to strongly support states rights, The Intercept)

Trump’s Phony Anti-Globalism Should Fool No-One (Michael Tracey, Spectator USA)

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information (More shadiness from Facebook, Gizmodo)

Bezos Space Startup Blue Origin to Supply Engines for Boeing-Lockheed Rocket Venture (More evidence of the increasingly close ties between Bezos/Amazon and the U.S. military/surveillance complex, MarketWatch)

Actor James Woods Bashes Twitter After Getting Locked out (AP)

GOP Sees Highest Favorability in Seven Years (Only Democrats could be so bad they make the GOP more popular, CNN)

Why I’m Done with Chrome (Important read, Cryptographic Engineering)

Trump War Whore Celebrates Starvation Of Iranian Civilians At MEK Rally (Caitlin Johnstone, Medium)

Meanwhile, Facebook briefly blocked unfavorable stories about itself, later blaming it on algos.

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