Liberty Links 11/3/18 – Taleb Says World Is More Fragile Today Than in 2007

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Taleb Says World Is More Fragile Today Than in 2007 (Must watch, YouTube)

Pentagon Wants to Predict Anti-Trump Protests Using Social Media Surveillance (Motherboard)

The Yemen War Death Toll Is Five Times Higher Than We Think (The Independent)

Hillary Is Back: ‘I’d Like To Be President’ (The horror, YouTube)

Jair Bolsonaro Is Elected President of Brazil. Read His Extremist, Far-Right Positions in His Own Words. (Deeply disturbing, The Intercept)

Energy Giants Choose Nuclear Option in Election’s Biggest Fight Over Fossil Fuel (Every American should read this, but especially if you live in an oil and gas state, Capital & Main)

Google’s Saudi Ties (Google’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, Google Transparency Project)

Trump Is America’s National Piñata (Good read on the disgracefulness of U.S. mass media, The Automatic Earth)

Father of Web Says Tech Giants May Have to Be Split up (Reuters)

Social Democracy: Radicalize or Its over… (Paul Mason, Medium)

Jamaica Resorts Facing a ‘Historic’ Sexual Assault Problem (Very disturbing article, USA Today)

The ‘Unschooling’ Movement: Letting Children Lead Their Learning (A great listen, WBUR)

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