MSNBC Editor ‘Bullies’ Journalist On Behalf Of DNC During ‘Highly Unethical’ Call

Left-leaning journalist Yashar Ali was pressured by MSNBC/NBC’s managing politics editor Dafna Linzer, “on behalf of the DNC,” to delay a scoop on dates for the 2020 Democratic primary debates so that they could scramble to notify state parties before the story hit, according to Ali. 

Dafna Linzer, Yashar Ali

Prior to contributing to the Huffington Post, Mother Jones and New York magazines, the Chicago-born journalist worked on Democrat Steve Westley’s California Gubernatorial campaign, and would later work for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. He also served as then-San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s deputy chief of staff. 

He’s also gotten some of the biggest scoops in political journalism, while growing his Twitter following from 6,600 in October 2016 to 366,000 today. 

Along with HuffPost’s editor-in-chief, Lydia Polgreen, he uncovered NBC News’ stringent opposition to Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein exposé, which ultimately ran in The New Yorker. He reported that former President George W. Bush said President Donald Trump’s inauguration was “some weird s—,” a description Hillary Clinton has taken on her book tour. –Business Insider

In a Friday twitter thread, Ali outlined this “highly inappropriate and unethical” call, which came after he told the DNC he would not delay the scoop. Two minutes later, MSNBC’s Linzer called Ali and pressured him on behalf of the DNC. 

As Ali notes, it wasn’t entirely unexpected for the DNC to have reached out to MSNBC since they were coordinating an announcement – “what was strange was that she was calling me and taking a menacing tone” so that the DNC could get their act together and make phone calls first.

We wonder how closely the MSM and DNC will be “coordinating” efforts going into 2020.  

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