Baylen Linnekin on a Tidal Wave of Threats to Food Freedom

Farm standFebruary
2014 may go down as the worst month for food freedom since the New
Deal era. The lowlights began with President Obama signing a new
trillion-dollar Farm Bill into law. While this Farm Bill eliminates
the pointless direct subsidies paid to farmers, the new law is rife
with crop insurance subsidies that will cost taxpayers untold
billions. Soon after, word came that tort lawyers were busy
pitching attorneys general in sixteen states on the idea of a broad
lawsuit to “make the food industry pay for soaring obesity-related
health care costs.” The same week that news broke of lawyers
itching to cash in on the food industry, California legislators
proposed adding a warning label to all sweetened drinks like soda
sold in the state. As the year began, Baylen Linnekin predicted
that supporters of food freedom would face considerable hurdles in
2014. But even he couldn’t have imagined that the year would bring
so many challenges.

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