A.M. Links: Congress Votes to Arm Syrian Rebels, Iran Skeptical of US ISIS Plan, Joe Biden in Iowa

  • Syria rebelsThe House of Representatives voted 273 to
    156 in favor of arming rebels in
    , as part of President Obama’s proposed efforts against
    the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), once just another rebel
    group in Syria but now a self-proclaimed caliphate. The foreign
    minister of
    , meanwhile, says air strikes alone won’t defeat ISIS,
    while Iran’s president,
    Hassan Rouhani
    , called the American-led coalition “ridiculous.”
    Police in
    say they foiled a plot by ISIS supporters to behead
    people in Australia and video tape the acts.
  • Even if it were faced with a search warrant,
    says encryption in its latest mobile operating system,
    iOS 8, won’t allow the company to bypass users’ passwords.
  • Police in Phoenix arrested Arizona Cardinals running back

    Jonathan Dwyer
    on aggravated assault charges connected to two
    alleged domestic altercations, involving a 27-year-old woman and an
    18-month-old child.
  • Joe Biden becomes at least the third potential Democrat
    presidential candidate to visit
    this month.
  • Toronto Mayor
    Rob Ford
    has been diagnosed with cancer. Nothing funny about
  • A non-binding decision by the International Whaling Commission
    to extend a moratorium on scientific whaling by
    won’t affect the country’s 2015 culling plans. 

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