Traders: Millions By The Minute – Part 2

In the second (and final) part of BBC’s ‘Traders: Millions By The Minute’ 2-part documentary (part 1 here) goes inside the competitive world of financial traders to meet the men and women who play the markets in London, New York, Chicago and Amsterdam.


As The BBC describes, this show offers a rare, personal portrait of what life is like for the people who do this lucrative but relentless job, against a backdrop of non-stop news, globalised markets and the rise of ultra-fast computers capable of placing millions of trades at a time. We can only assume that Johnny-5 and his algorithmic friends refused to be part of this in-depth look at market participants.



Jane is not like the normal professional City trader as she also does the school run and works as a nurse.

Justyn and Akil are ambitious and believe that trading will be their ticket to a lavish lifestyle.

via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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