Martin Armstrong’s 20-Point-Plan For Donald Trump

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I do not advise Trump. If he demonstrated that we need major reform because we are going broke under the management of career politicians, then he might attract more people who are on the fence. Let’s be realistic. Those supporting Trump distrust government politicians. They really do not care about his message. I at least would prefer Trump not for any policy, but any career politician will bring the same line of thinking to the table. There will be no thinking out of the box and we will be blasted with more regulation and taxes killing the economy. They will continue to hunt money until nothing is left for us but total enslavement and that does not matter if we are talking about Rubio or Hillary.

Obama stuffed Christine Lagarde into The IMF and that has been far more devastating than any appointment to the Supreme Court. She has destroyed the global economy threatening countries to hand over info on everyone (except exempt politicians like her of course) so they can hunt money absolutely everywhere. They do not look at the net result, and only look at the world through their own greedy eyes. I would hope Trump would look at this as a businessman and say; you people are nuts.

The standard of living for families is declining. That is not because the “rich” are making more from investment, it is because of rising taxes and government robbing their savings to fund themselves and pretending they are there for their retirement. In reality, they keep lowering benefits because they stole all the money. Anyone in the private sector who did this would be in jail. We are prosecuted for fraud in the private sector, but fraud in public sector is rewarded and called “politics.”

What advice I would give Trump:

  1. We will not raise the minimum wage, we will eliminate payroll taxes and end the borrowing from the poor robbing them of interest by handing them a refund check so they think politicians are fantastic
  2. Instead of QE for bankers, eliminate taxes and try QE for the people
  3. Eliminate Social Security for those under 50. Pay out those over 50. Replace Social Security with mandatory 401K investment plans
  4. Merge SEC & CFTC so advisers can provide advice on the best investment rather than just what they have a license for in equities v futures
  5. Eliminate domestic corporate taxation. This will provide the incentive to bring jobs home
  6. Stop government borrowing. Limit the creation of new money to 5% of GDP (I do not want to hear that will be inflationary since QE failed to produce inflation which is all about confidence not the quantity of money). At times up to 70% of the national debt has been accumulated interest.
  7. Retire the national debt and stop borrowing federally competing with the private sector for capital
  8. Return the central bank to the original design of 1913. Eliminating government debt will do the job. During economic declines, the Fed should buy corporate short-term paper with its “elastic money” which will compensate for banks when they stop lending. Short-term corporate paper is actually paid off and that would then contract the money supply back to its original state prior to the crisis.
  9. Judicial reform is mandatory. I would retire ALL federal judges. Replacements should be nominated only by the legal profession with penalty to bribe and such appoint to be life imprisonment or death, the choice is that of the sentenced person.
  10. Expand the Supreme Court and make it an ABSOLUTE right to be heard rather than winning a lottery. Moreover, a panel of judges nominated by the legal community shall determine the constitutionality of ALL legislation BEFORE enacted. It should never be the burden of the citizen to PROVE the government is acting unconstitutionally. The Constitution is NEGATIVE and was intended to be a “restraint” upon government. ALL LIVES matter; do this and they will.
  11. Reform the Grand Jury process. Both sides should be allowed to present ALL evidence to the Grand Jury and they alone will decide to indict. State prosecutors who protect police should themselves be in prison.
  12. Restitution of the Roman position of Tribune of the people; a person who prosecutes any government employee from police up to judges and politicians. Then and only then will the system be cleaned out.
  13. Eliminate TSA at airports. You should be cleared as to who you are and no need for Xrays and strip searches if you are known to be a normal citizen. If you are a foreign visitor, they alone should go through TSA if they do not have prior clearance.
  14. Eliminate all taxes whatsoever if you are not present to use such services.
  15. End all government pension plans which they never fund properly any how. Eliminating taxes will allow greater savings and they should be required to save a portion as do private citizens.
  16. Forgive all student loans and end subsidization for college. Without competition, the education is worthless anyhow. Restore the Roman system of apprenticeship. In Switzerland, less than 10% of students go to college. They enter an apprenticeship in the field they desire. Being taught by the real world is far better than theory.
  17. Reform lawsuits capping jury awards and this will reduce medical costs. Introduce Artificial Intelligence systems which will provide the first diagnosis which will be far more reliable. Hospitals are turning into businesses of big corporates reducing family doctors. Eliminating medical expenses as a liability so they cannot take someone’s home or put them into bankruptcy (opposite of Clintons did to students) will cause the healthcare to be a normal business cycle rather than an extortion that is like government consuming a larger proportion of disposable income. Return hospitals to their Hippocratic Oath and must FIRST take care of anyone irrespective of money: hence, end Obamacare.
  18. Eliminate all property taxes. You should be able to retire without having to cope with rising property taxes.
  19. No person should have to pay more than 15% of their salary to state and local government. If a government needs more, something is wrong and they need to be reformed.
  20. All government pensions must be eliminated. Part of the QE process should be the bailout of pension systems for government workers and end the process. If we eliminate taxation and social security, they will by law be required to save a portion in their own 401K

These are just for the start. This is my short-list I would advise Trump to adopt. Then he just might beat everyone in history with the percentage of the popular vote exceeding 65%.

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