Bernie Sanders’ Wife: “It Would be Nice If The FBI Moved Along Hillary’s Email Probe”

For the past year, republicans had been pushing both the US Department of Justice and the FBI to move faster in their ongoing Hillary Clinton email probe, although as has been revealed recently, said probe is mostly being throttled by the DOJ for political reason while the FBI, having scented blood, is eager to unveil its evidence against the frontrunning Democratic presidential candidate. Just last week, confirming there is indeed much bad blood between the two government agencies, senator Chuck Grassley who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee implied that one way the FBI may avoid the DOJ’s stonewalling, is to “leak”, hypothetically-speaking of course, reports of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

As we reported last week, in practically laying out the next steps in Hillarygate, Grassley said “an anonymous and unauthorized release of FBI investigative materials could result if officials at the agency believed prosecution of Clinton was stymied for political reasons” according to the Des Moines register.

But while republicans have – for obvious reasons – been pushing to expose and discredit Hillary ahead of the presidential elections, democrats had been largely silent on the issue. At least that was the case until late this week when none other than Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane, said on Thursday that “it would be niceif the FBI speeds up its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

We said right from the beginning, right after the debate where he said, ‘enough of your damn emails,’ he also said, ‘there’s a process…it’s going forward,'” Jane Sanders said Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto Coast to Coast.”

“It’s an FBI investigation…we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then we’ll find out what the situation is and that’s how we still feel. I mean, it would be nice if the FBI moved it along,” she said with a laugh.

Which is odd, because Democrats (and the DOJ) would be delighted it he investigation is stalled indefinitely as has been the case under what many have speculated is political pressure.

Clinton told CBS’ “Face the Nation” in March that the email scandal was “moving toward a resolution” and predicted that the investigation was “getting closer and closer” to being complete. Close… just 8 more months, ideally with the election in the rearview mirror.

Meanwhile, in her interview, Jane Sanders also said that her husband and Clinton have “very different visions for America”, repeating the same complaint popularized by Trump, namely that the delegate selection process isn’t fair. 
“It doesn’t seem fair that superdelegates can play such an outsized role,” she said. “We don’t like the concept of the superdelegates. It’s pretty much an insurance policy for the establishment.”

Her surprising statement comes after Sanders only won one out of five primaries on Tuesday. He won Rhode Island while Clinton won Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, expanding her delegate lead. One can see why suddenly Bernie Sanders’ better half is agreeing with the republicans that it is time for Hillary’s dirty email laundry to be made public.

Sadly for Jane, as of this moment, online betting markets see about a one in five chance that Hillary will be charged.

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