Explosion Rocks Rio’s Main Olympic Stadium After “Controlled Blast”

As if things were not bad enough in Rio, The Herald Sun reports that an explosion has rocked the Olympic stadium in Rio after Brazilian police discovered a suspicious device today.

Tensions are high in Rio with bomb disposal experts taking no chances with a suspicious package at the Maracana Stadium.


Host broadcaster Channel 7 revealed that a loud explosion had been heard in the famous Maracana Stadium early Sunday evening soon after a robot had been sent in following the detection of a suspicious package.



There were reports the package was a tool box.


“There was definitely an explosion after the robot went in,” a Channel Seven spokesman confirmed. As the robot made contact with the device, it exploded, 7 News reported.


No injuries were reported and it was unclear what kind of damage was done.

The Maracana Stadium, which hosted the 1950 World Cup soccer final, will host the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

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