And The Next President According To Dennis Gartman Is…

Having constantly demonstrated his uncanny ability to “predict” the market, Dennis Gartman has decided to branch out into the realm of forecasting presidential elections. In an interview with Kitco, this is what Gartman said:

Now that the likelihood of a Trump presidency has dropped, gold prices have also moved lower, falling to two-month lows this week.


Could there be a correlation or is this just mere coincidence?


“It has to be a coincidence, because the market is wise enough to know that Mr. Trump has no chance of becoming the next president and thus cannot and will not affect monetary and/or economic policy here in the U.S. or abroad,” popular newsletter publisher Dennis Gartman told Kitco News Tuesday.

And with that we can throw away all the public polling for the next two months, Dennis Gartman has just called it.

h/t @chigrl

via Tyler Durden

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