Missouri Student Suspended For Holding Up A Trump Sign At A Pep Rally

A student at Festus High School in Missouri has been suspended for 3 days for holding up the "Trump" sign seen in the image below at a school pep rally. 

Trump Supporter Suspended


According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Superintendent Link Luttrell said the suspension came from the student's refusal to put the sign away when asked noting that students are generally not allowed to have items at school events that are "unnecessary and could distract from the current environment."

"If there are items that are really unnecessary, they're going to be asked that those be put away. You are violating rules about following simple commands," Luttrell said.


"I do not feel at all that this instance was an instance where anyone's freedom to express was violated at all. Again, this is like I said earlier, there's a proper place for anything."

Don't think for one minute you can walk into the "safe space" of a high school pep rally with your hateful "trigger words" and not face punishment young man.  Now you run home and think hard over the next 3 days about how you can pull off voting for Hillary at least twice in November.  And this whole "I'm not even 18" argument isn't going to work with us.

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