Fall TV Season Gets Time Travel Type Shows Based on Older Shows and Films: New at Reason

If you like time travel shows, shows that look like time travel shows, and shows based on older shows and films, this could be the TV season for you.

Glenn Garvin reviews five of them:

In 1966, when CBS unveiled a show called It’s About Time in which a pair of astronauts pierce the space-time continuum and discover that the human race is descended from a couple of cavemen played by Joe E. Ross and Imogene Coca, the old Philadelphia Bulletin was so unhinged that it called for congressional hearings. While I certainly share the conventional civic wisdom that TV critics should have subpoena power, not to mention droit du seigneur, I believe the Bulletin was a little bit ahead of the curve. A congressional investigation of time-travel shows wasn’t probably warranted until 1992, when the characters of NBC’s Qauntum Leap jumped back to the 1950s to put the idea of real estate into the head of a 12-year-old Donald Trump. If that didn’t call for a “Have you no decency, sir?” moment…

Anyway, I wonder what the folks at the Bulletin would have made of television this week, which is mostly one long orgy of time travel, both literal and metaphorical. As William Faulkner might have said if he’d had any Nielsen smarts, the past is never dead, it’s not even in reruns yet.

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