Election Pits Crooked Hillary Against Saint Hillary: New at Reason

Crooked Hillary is the one that has been on front pages lately. She is, of course, a character that many who lived through the first Clinton presidency remember plenty well. The one who made $100,000 in ten months in 1978 and 1979 trading cattle and hog future contracts. The one whose Rose Law Firm billing records were mysteriously discovered in the White House residence in 1996 after two years in which they had disappeared while congressional investigators had subpoenaed them.

But if Crooked Hillary is in danger of losing the election, or of sabotaging her own chances of a successful presidency if she wins, it’s Saint Hillary who is on the verge of winning a historic victory, Ira Stoll writes. If you are having a hard time dredging her image up from the depths of your memory, try clicking on the cover of The New York Times magazine from Sunday, May 23, 1993, which featured a striking image of Clinton dressed in pure, angelic, white, a three-strand pearl necklace around her throat. The Times magazine cover promoted an article by Michael Kelly headlined “Saint Hillary.”

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