Kurt Eichenwald Bullies Parkland Survivor, Then Finds Out He’s Unemployed

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald seems to have particular talent for finding himself in bizarre, unbelievable situations – then offering up even more bizarre, unbelievable excuses for how he got there in the first place. This week was no exception, which we’ll get to.,,

First there was Kurt’s 2013 prediction that Bitcoin would collapse nearly 3,000% ago, or how he pulled his kids’ college fund out of stocks in case Trump won the 2016 election (which he later said he invested “overseas” while browbeating a “stupid” Twitter user).

Then there was Eichenwald’s alleged seizure – reportedly caused after a Twitter user sent him a flashing gif – hours after Kurt appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend his unfounded claims that President Trump had been in a mental hospital. 

Eichenwald was somehow able to convince the FBI to arrest the Twitter user, John Rayne Rivello – before federal prosecutors subsequently dismissed the case

Who could forget the time Eichenwald was busted “researching” tentacle porn – after he tweeted a picture showing his open browser tabs – one of which was a repository of the cephalopod-themed hentai (maybe he is just a closet fan of Goldman Sachs). Kurt says he was innocently surfing tentacle porn with his kids in order to show his wife:

Then there was the episode where Kurt blamed his epilepsy for “severe memory disruptions” which caused him to forget paying an underage boy, Justin Berry, over $2,000 via Berry’s internet porn site for a New York Times article he was working on.

Kurt said in his defense that he’s rescued “100’s of kids from pedos” – while threatening to sue YouTuber Diversity & Comics for finding the above payment weird.

Now that we’re mostly up to speed on Kurt Eichenwald – skipping over the time Julian Assange wrecked him over Twitter, let’s review Kurt’s latest comedy of errors from this week – which include: 

  • Bullying Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv over Twitter, two hours after he railed against conservative pundits. Eichenwald then claimed he mixed up Kashuv with another teenager he meant to argue with (oops!).

  • Kurt was then forced to admit he’s no longer an MSNBC contributor despite it being in his Twitter bio – after Kashuv’s supporters called on advertisers to boycott MSNBC.

  • Eichenwald then sent Kyle Kashuv pal Ben Shapiro a letter in which he said Kashuv was “in desperate need of psychiatric help,” after a Direct Message exchange with the Parkland survivor – an email Shapiro promptly tweeted out. Eichenwald send Shapiro the letter under the guise of an article he was writing – however one wonders which outlet it’s for – considering his unclear employment status.  
  • Kurt then told Shapiro that he would hold him responsible if any of Shapiro’s followers “harms” him with another seizure. 

  • After Shapiro’s email exchange, Kurt says he found out he’s no longer a Vanity Fair contributing editor – despite it also being in his Twitter bio. 

Let’s take a look at Kurt’s shrinking credentials…

At least he is still a NYT bestselling author.

Meanwhile, Kyle may have a case against Kurt according to legal website Law and Crime

During an email exchange with right-leaning commentator Ben Shapiro, liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald made several scurrilous comments about pro-gun Parkland teen Kyle Kashuv.

As a result of this email, Kashuv likely has a valid defamation case against Eichenwald if he decides to take legal action. Specifically, he could sue for defamation by libel. At issue would be various statements Eichenwald made about Kashuv’s alleged mental deficiencies.

Kyle Kashuv lives in Florida, so Florida would be the most likely jurisdiction. Under Florida law, the elements of a defamation claim are: (1) the defendant published a false statement; (2) about the plaintiff; (3) to a third party; and (4) the falsity of the statement caused injury to the plaintiff. This restatement of Florida’s defamation test comes by way of fairly recent precedent from the case Border Collie Rescue v. Ryan. Let’s take each element in turn.

1. Eichenwald Likely Published A False Statement

2. The False Statement Was About Kashuv

3. Eichenwald Published The False Statement To A Third Party

4. The Falsity Of Eichenwald’s Statement Is Presumed to Have Caused Kashuv Injury

Law and Crime

If Kashuv does end up suing Eichenwald, we can only imagine the courtroom antics…

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