Congressman Investigating FISA Abuse, Awans Says DOJ Spying On Him

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says that agents working for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have been spying on his office, Gohmert told WMAL’s “Morning on the Mall” Friday.

“I don’t doubt for a minute that he has people who have been looking into my background. I’ve been told as much by some other folks,” said the Congressman, who added that he did not believe such an operation was overseen by Rod Rosenstein personally. 

“There’s always deniability,” he said.

Gohmert recounted a fiery exchange with Rosenstein during Congressional testimony last week in which the Congressman grilled the Deputy AG over not having read a FISA warrant renewal he signed. 

“If I were a FISA judge,” Gohmert told WMAL, “now that we have him on record refusing to say that you even read it – I would never accept an application signed by you again, because you don’t even know what you were signing” 

Gohmert also expressed frustration over the DOJ’s efforts to stall Congressional investigations. 

He think that if they drag their feet long enough like Eric Holder did with fast and furious, we won’t do anything about it,” suggesting that Rosenstein would seek to run out the statute of limitations on various allegations. 


Gohmert has been tirelessly pushing for the DOJ to investigate the Pakistani IT family which had unprecedented access to top secret information via computers and other electronic devices belonging to House Democrats. 

Gohmert gave a rousing speech in early June, imploring the DOJ to act on the Awan case, noting that there are “dozens and dozens” of potential felonies involved.

“The FBI has had opportunities to have those invoices presented to them, and each time, they have instructed, ‘Don’t bring any of those documents; we don’t want to see any of that, we just want to talk to [him],’” Gohmert said. Instead, the FBI has insisted that there’s “no evidence of anything other than this false statement.”

They have instructed, ‘We don’t want to see the documents that proved those cases.’ They’re readily available, for any federal officer that wants to see them, but [the FBI] don’t want to see them, so they can keep reporting to the new U.S. attorney that there’s no evidence, nothing there,” Gohmert said.

And for his efforts to get to the bottom of two massive D.C. scandals, Rep. Louie Gohmert now says he’s being spied on. 

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