What Did Libertarians Learn from the Mueller Report?

Now that the smoke has cleared from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s suspected (and now-disregarded) criminal conspiracy with Russia and his potential obstruction of the investigation thereof, there are many questions that still remain, including: Should we be alarmed by the role that counterterrorism-investigation leaks played in kickstarting this investigation? Are there specific trims to government power that this whole episode suggests, and if so why aren’t they being discussed? Is it useful to have conversations about having conversations about conversations?

All of these riddles and more are hotly debated on this week’s Editors’ Roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast, betwixt Katherine Mangu-WardNick Gillespie, Peter Suderman and Matt Welch. The episode also features a name-that-Democratic-candidate pop quiz, a quick round of Biden-kicking, and—yes, nerds (sigh)—some discussion of that television show from last night.

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Audio production by Ian Keyser.

‘Lies Rise’ by Cullah is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Relevant links from the show:

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Trump May Not Have Obstructed the Mueller Investigation, but It Sure Looks Like He Tried,” by Peter Suderman

In Defense of Trump Obstructing Justice (When There’s No Underlying Crime),” by Nick Gillespie

If Either Party Cared About Limiting Executive Power, Trump’s Presidency Would Be Toast,” by Eric Boehm

Standing on the Shoulders of Tyrants,” by Gene Healy

The CBO Was Created to Provide a Check on Executive Power,” by Peter Suderman

Joe Biden Is Probably Running for President. He’s Got a Lot of Baggage.” by Christian Britschgi

Joe Biden Says He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Will Do Better From Now On,” by Christian Britschgi

Hair-Sniffer Joe Biden Should Apologize for His Whole Career,” by Matt Welch

All the Top Democrats Running for President Favor Legalizing Marijuana,” by Matt Welch

Elizabeth Warren Wants You To Know She Totally Loves Game of Thrones. Especially Daenerys. Yay, Women!” by Robby Soave

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