Tom Steyer Drops Out After Getting Spanked By Joe Biden In South Carolina

Tom Steyer Drops Out After Getting Spanked By Joe Biden In South Carolina

Update (2156ET): Still nothing on Steyer’s twitter feed (no slickly produced video? We thought that was your thing?) but Bloomberg has apparently confirmed.


Steyer has zero delegates, and despite being on track for a third-place finish Saturday night in SC, he likely won’t pick up any delegates. We suspect the quest for his endorsement won’t be all that fierce among his former rivals.

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Leave it to a comically out-of-touch billionaire to go out on a low note.

After Joe Biden savagely spanked him in front of millions of Americans during the pre-SC debate, then spanked him again in the actual primary, which Biden is projected to win by a surprisingly large margin, billionaire financier Tom Steyer is reportedly dropping out of the Democratic Primary.

There hasn’t been any official word out of the Steyer camp yet; the last thing the ‘candidate’ tweeted was a tweet urging supporters to go out and support the race’s true champion of climate justice, an issue that Biden, Bloomberg and the rest of the Democratic pack brutalized him over his investing record (which of course includes holdings in fossil fuel companies etc…).

Steyer is most famous for financing an advertising campaign urging lawmakers to sign his petition to impeach President Trump – he called it the ‘Need to Impeach’ campaign. They eventually did, but we suspect that Steyer’s unyielding support for the issue had little to do with it.

Sayonara, Tom. We’ll miss you, and your dumb tie, too.



Tyler Durden

Sat, 02/29/2020 – 22:00

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