Goldman President’s Stark Warning: “Markets Reprice Faster Than People Expect”

In the latest warning shot to investors from the world’s most influential bank that the good times are ending, this time coming not from some lowly Goldman strategist predicting that broken markets themselves will cause the next crash, or some chart showing that a bear market is dead ahead

… but the replacement of Gary Cohn himself, Goldman president David Solomon, the man who is set to replace Lloyd Blankfein in the near future warned that investors who have gotten too used to the long bull market “are being motivated more by a search for yield than concern a correction is coming.” 

While Solomon did not feel compelled to expose those responsible for said rush for yield, and also for the biggest asset bubble in history, he did warn that when the market turns, it will turn so fast, few will be able to get out.

“We’re down the road in the cycle, so there’s certainly places where people are further along the greed spectrum than the fear spectrum,” Solomon said Monday in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “In an environment where money has been so inexpensive for such a long period of time, there’s no question that people have been reaching for yield.”

Solomon then followed up with the most direct warning he was could without losing clients – after all Goldman is an underwriter to virtually every “growthy” public tech company in the world, and hopes to take the rest public – that “people have been reaching for growth, and if you look at a bunch of these growthy companies and the value that people will pay for forward growth has been very high,” he said.

“At some point that may correct” he warned ominously.

When? He did not give a timeframe but hinted that by the time it becomes obvious, it’s too late: “History shows markets reprice more abruptly than people expect.”



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